Who Are we?

Home-Start Redbridge is a small charity offering friendship, emotional and practical help to young families who are experiencing stress and difficulties. Support is given by specially trained volunteers and is available to families with at least one child under 5 years of age or 9 if a child has a disability.

Home-Start Redbridge began in 2001 and has been supporting local families since 2002. We are essentially an outreach service to families in their own Homes via Home-visiting or through our weekly family group.  We want to give support to families when they are experiencing stress in order to prevent crisis occurring and allow the family dynamics to settle back to an acceptable pattern.

Home-Start Redbridge is rooted in the community it serves and managed locally but is linked to Home-Start UK which offers support, training, information, and guidance to schemes to ensure consistent and quality support for parents and children wherever they are.

Families need help for a variety of reasons including exhaustion, loneliness, depression, multiple births, lone parenting, domestic violence or ill health/disability. Home Start helps them by offering emotional/ practical support, providing someone to talk to, discuss concerns with & put things in perspective. Our support is available though home visiting or our weekly family group. 

What we believe

Mission Statement


 Home-Start Redbridge believes that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play the key role in giving children a good start in life and helping them achieve their full potential. We aim to work in partnership with parents by supporting & encouraging them through the early years of family life. 

Our Aim



  • Parents and carers in Redbridge with children under five, or 9 years and under if they have a disability, who are marginalised, socially and economically excluded, to feel more confident in their parenting.
  • Families to feel less isolated and for parents and carers to have better support networks which reduce their isolation and their experiences of depression.
  • Children under five to gain confidence and social skills and be better prepared for school.
  • Volunteers, many of whom will at one time have been users of our services, to gain skills and experience which will help them contribute to their local communities and ultimately secure employment.

Our People

Our Directors & Trustees



  • Siena Parker (Chairperson)
  • Nicola Heath
  • Smita Gandhi
  • Cherry Burns
  • Audrey Rowe
  • Anette Grindsted
  • Hazel Youens

Our Staff



  • Sonia (Scheme Manager)
  • Shahnaz (Co- Ordinator)
  • Danielle (Administrator)
  • Charlene (Outreach worker)