Family Group

 Our Family Group is an integral part of the service we provide. Home-visiting is not the ideal for all families and, for some, attending a group is the preferred option enabling parents and their children to socialise as well as access Home-Start Redbridges' support. 

We provide a welcoming environment where children can play together and parents have the chance to meet and chat to others. Our aims of the group are to provide extra support for parents with young children (birth - 3 years), to help parents who are feeling isolated by giving them the opportunity to meet others in a stimulating environment, to give parents the opportunity to learn parenting skills from one another and to offer a safe and welcoming environment for both children and their parents. 





Several of the parents who have been positively influenced by the support have expressed their desire to give in return, by assisting in the group. Another reason in their ambition to help is the opportunity to gain new skills.

The 2 hour session is fun packed and educational. We ensure that we offer every child the opportunity to explore role play, socialise, build self-esteem and confidence. This is achieved through structured play and craft activities, all of which aids preparation for children heading for pre-school.

A sure sign that the group is a vitally significant part of the empowering work Home-Start offers is that parents have began to support each other with ideas/information on cooking, other services within the community; share problems such as issues around boundaries, sleeping and eating. Advice obtained from staff members on a one-to-one basis and group-work has also produced great results, whereby unsettled children were able to respect staff and peers, interact more positively with parent, participate in play and make friends.

Our family group has been running successfully running for over a decade. Unfortunately due to funding cuts we are now unavailable to carry on our family group. It saddens us that our last day will be Tuesday 30th July 2019. We would love to thank everybody who have supported us and who visited our family group, we wish everybody the best. 


Family Group Guidelines


All Parents attending are responsible for their own children. 


We operate within the Home-Start ethos and guidelines which include equal opportunities, child protection and health & safety. 


All parents will be given a leaflet outlining the support Home-Start offers to families


Families are reminded that we encourage an atmosphere of trust, sensitivity and honesty and therefore no-one is required to share personal information unless they choose to do so. 


If you are unhappy with any aspect of the support offered, then please let us know.


Staff and volunteers working in the family group are committed to supporting families in a friendly, caring, approachable, trustworthy, reliable, non-judgmental manner and provide a listening ear to all families.