London Borough of Redbridge


 The London borough of Redbridge is an area of mixed affluence with a diverse population of estimated 296,800 as at June 2015.Over 70 different languages are spoken in Redbridge. Although it is regarded as a ‘wealthy’ borough there are pockets of deprivation that have historically been difficult to access. We wish to expand our services to meet the needs of the whole community by extending & increasing our Volunteers and Families we support in the borough. 


 Equality and Diversity is a part of all we do. We will continue to provide relevant and accessible services for current and potential service users, including those in non-traditional family arrangements, same sex, or transgender partnerships, disabled people, those from different community groups and those from different religious or other backgrounds. Our staff and volunteers are supported and trained to be accepting and welcoming to all families while understanding and supportive of the particular pressures those families may experience, including discrimination. We have worked with fathers and also have male volunteers. 


Home-Start's influence


Many parents/carers supported by Home-Start Redbridge are struggling with a range of problems including poverty, mental and physical ill health, isolation, special needs and domestic violence. Research indicates that providing parents/carers with support before they reach crisis point prevents distress to the family and expensive interventions when families can no longer cope. Parents and carers greatly value the support that Home-Start Redbridge provides and that they attribute, to this support,

  • an increase in their own confidence and parenting skills
  • an increase in their children’s confidence and social skills
  • a reduction in their isolation.